Planning a Memorial Service

  • Are You Planning Your Own Funeral?

    8 November 2018

    You have probably considered the fact that planning your own funeral has many benefits. For one thing, you will be removing that burden from loved ones who are left behind. Another good reason to plan your own funeral is that you can select every part of the funeral service with the realization that it will be something to your liking. From selecting the music and the speakers for your funeral service to selecting your burial site, here are some ideas that might help you.

  • Are You Planning Your Own Cremation Service?

    24 September 2018

    Have you decided that you want to plan your own cremation funeral service? Perhaps you're not even sick or even old, but you have recently attended a funeral that made you think of the time of your own passing. No matter your age, planning your own funeral service might be one of the most thoughtful things you will ever do in your lifetime. Have you thought about how that will help the ones you leave behind?

  • Closed Casket Or Cremation: How To Choose When Open Casket Is Not An Option

    28 June 2018

    If you recently lost a family member in a very drastic way, such as a horrible car accident or work-related death, then you have a very big decision to make. Out of respect for the deceased and for the surviving family members, you likely do not want an open casket funeral service. That just leaves closed casket service or cremation services. Here is how to choose. Consult With the Closest Family Members

  • Three Unique Finishing Touches For Headstones

    29 May 2018

    When it comes to selecting a headstone or memorial marker for your loved one, there are many different designs to choose from. However, there are also a lot of special finishing touches you can add to the simplest of designs. If you are looking for a way to customize your loved one's headstone, here are some options to consider. Under-Stone Plaques Adding an etching or engraving under the stone offers a unique way to leave a secret or special message for your loved one.

  • 3 Reasons To Consider Cremation

    3 May 2018

    Are you torn about what you want to for the funeral of a loved one that recently passed away? If so, you'll most likely be deciding between a burial or cremation. Here are some reasons to select cremation over the other options. Cremation Has Minimal Costs If you are on a budget, but still want to take the proper steps to celebrate the life of your loved one, cremation can help you stay within your budget.

  • Design Considerations For Choosing An Urn That You'll Keep In Your Home

    24 March 2018

    Should you be in the process of selecting an urn to buy for the purpose of holding a deceased family members remains, there are several things to think about if you plan to keep the urn in your home. You'll likely be focused on the appearance of the urn; some people like ceramic vase-style urns, while others favor wooden boxes. While there's no disputing that the look of the urn is important, don't forget to also give some thought to its design.

  • 3 Ways To Deal With Custom Ammunition That Holds Cremated Remains

    5 March 2018

    One of the many creative ways that you can use the cremated remains of someone in your family who has just passed away is to send it to a company that mixed some of the remains with gunpowder and loads it into live ammunition. This approach can be a perfect idea for honoring someone who served in the armed forces, worked as a law enforcement officer, or was simply a firearm enthusiast or collector.

  • Tips For Handling Cremation Services When Someone Leaves Behind Few Mourners

    6 February 2018

    When a loved one passes on, saying good-bye is never going to be an easy process. It can be many times more complicated when few mourners are left behind. Try not to stress about this aspect of the service. You don't need the extra pressure during this already difficult time. Keep in mind that it makes sense that not everyone will leave behind dozens of people to attend a cremation service.