Planning a Memorial Service

Are You Planning Your Own Cremation Service?

by Wade Watkins

Have you decided that you want to plan your own cremation funeral service? Perhaps you're not even sick or even old, but you have recently attended a funeral that made you think of the time of your own passing. No matter your age, planning your own funeral service might be one of the most thoughtful things you will ever do in your lifetime. Have you thought about how that will help the ones you leave behind? Your family will be mourning your passing and having to plan a funeral service would just be an additional burden. By you doing that job in their place, not only will the funeral be planned, but you can even pay for everything from the flowers to the cremation. 

Tell Your Loved Ones - Be sure to tell your family members that you have planned to be cremated. And, be sure to write your wishes down on paper, too. That will be helpful in case others that are close to you wonder if you actually wanted to be cremated. In fact, you might even write down the reasons that you have decided to have cremation services rather than what many might call traditional funeral services. In addition, be sure to tell those who are closest to you where important funeral documents are kept. Indicate which portions of the funeral have been paid for and which might have to be covered by your family.

Write Your Funeral Service - Since you are planning your own funeral, you'll be able to select everything you want as part of the service. For example, you might actually want to write a letter to those who are present. The letter might include your appreciation for acts of kindness you have received over the years and your love for your family and friends. You might even take the opportunity to bear testimony of those things which are most important to you.

For instance, if you are a devout Christian, you could include your love of Christ in your letter. If you are a patriotic person, you could express what your country has meant to you. Think of the music you want as part of your funeral service. Again, if you are Christian, you will probably select your favorite Christian hymns. Perhaps you want inspirational songs like Somewhere Over The Rainbow or I Lived It My Way included in the music. Just be sure that everything you want is in writing.

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