Planning a Memorial Service

Tips For Handling Cremation Services When Someone Leaves Behind Few Mourners

by Wade Watkins

When a loved one passes on, saying good-bye is never going to be an easy process. It can be many times more complicated when few mourners are left behind. Try not to stress about this aspect of the service. You don't need the extra pressure during this already difficult time.

Keep in mind that it makes sense that not everyone will leave behind dozens of people to attend a cremation service. Follow these tips for handling the service when you have very few mourners who will attend.

Choose a Special Place to Scatter the Ashes

The first step is to choose a place where you want to scatter your loved one's ashes. That can impact the type of memorial service you plan. For example, if you want to scatter your loved one's ashes in a public location, you may need to get permission to do so. You may or not be allowed to have the small service in the public place, but you can plan one for near where you will scatter the ashes.

Plan a Small, Intimate Gathering

Make the most of the limited number of mourners by planning a small, intimate cremation service. This can be held with the ashes any time after the death. For example, if the loved one passes away in the winter but loved the mountains in summertime, it's best to wait and plan the cremation service for a bright, sunny day.

The advantage of having a small number of mourners is that the few attendees can more easily go on an adventure together. If you want to go to a certain spot by a lake or river, inviting only a few people makes it less complicated to manage the excursion.  

Enjoy a Memorial Dinner Rather Than Catering

One of the advantages to planning a small cremation service is that you have more one-on-one time with each attendee. Rather than spend a lot of money on catering for a few people, choose to go out to a memorial dinner with the attendees after the service. That can give you all a chance to relax, spend time together, and speak about fond memories you all shared with your loved one.

Finally, take comfort in the fact that you are honoring your loved one in a caring way. It's not about the quantity of people who attend the memorial service. Instead, it's about the quality of love. A loving cremation service can be a great gift no matter what its size .The BBC reported that beloved rock star David Bowie chose direct cremation, and many others have done the same. By taking the time to ensure that the cremation service is well-planned in a respectful way, you can best celebrate a life well-lived in a way that would make them proud. For more information, contact establishments like Romero Family Funeral Home Corp.