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What Happens To Cremated Remains?

by Wade Watkins

So, your loved one has chosen to be cremated. You may have some questions about the cremation process, but you can rest assured knowing that the process will be taken care of by professionals. One of the questions that remains is what is to be done with your loved one's ashes.

There are plenty of places where your loved one can be placed after cremation. These are some options you may want to consider.

Your Loved One May Have Left Wishes Behind

The first thing you should consider after your loved one passes is what kind of documentation may have been left behind. You may find that you do not have to make any decisions because your loved one has already made a list of their wishes for their cremated remains.

Remains May Be Kept in the Home

Some families choose to keep a loved one's remains at home. This means that the remains are kept in an urn on display or they are kept in a special garden or in a closet. You may keep the container anywhere you would like to keep them on your private property.

Remains May Be Buried

You may also choose to have your loved one's remains buried. You could choose to have this done at a cemetery if you already own a plot or have a headstone in place. This process is simple, and you can have a brief ceremony at the site of burial if you wish to do so.

Remains May Be Scattered

Many people also choose to have their loved one's remains scattered in a special place. The challenge here is to ensure that you have all the necessary legal permissions to scatter these remains in public and private places, as some locations have different rules.

Remains May Be Placed in Special Objects

Finally, your loved one may have a desire to be placed in a special object. For example, you may have chosen to have your loved one's cremated remains placed in a piece of jewelry, a yard ornament, or something else that represents their special relationship with the world or the family.

Cremation Professionals Provide Guidance

If you still have questions about your loved one's cremated remains, it is smart to speak with a cremation professional such as Fletcher Funeral Home PA. Are you uncertain about what to do with your loved one's cremated remains? Now is a good time to receive some guidance.