Planning a Memorial Service

3 Tips For Finding Funeral Services

by Wade Watkins

Laying a recently deceased loved one to rest can be emotionally draining and filled with heartache. Hiring the right funeral home can help. Getting funeral services will help you get a professional presentation, while also providing burial and cremation services to people that need them. They offer several services that will lighten your stress and burdens while you grieve. Consider the points below for help finding a great funeral home. 

#1: Meet with a funeral home director as early as possible

Schedule at least three sit down meetings with some funeral companies that you have researched. Give special consideration to the homes that make you feel calm and at ease during this stressful time. 

There are also funeral homes that have in-house counselors, or have relationships with professionals they can put you in touch with. Counseling and therapy can help you and your family mentally process the grief that you're all going through.

Overall, judge the compassion and helpfulness of the funeral home that you meet with. The best funeral homes and directors are good at reading what the customer needs and delivering it through this all-time stressful life moment. It's easier to let go and allow yourself to get the help that you need when you're in the hands of a capable, caring funeral home -- so use discernment when choosing. 

#2: Consider the details of the funeral services that you need

Carefully brainstorm and review the details that you need to have a funeral director handle for you. Funeral homes are required by law to show you price lists of every service that they offer upfront so that there's no mystery or haggling during this difficult time. Some examples of services and products that you might need a funeral home to handle for you include the sale of the burial casket, flowers, candles, music, a funeral service officiant, burial plot, cremation, a professionally written obituary, and more. 

#3: Find the help of the right funeral home

Sign a contract with the funeral home that checks all of the boxes for you. Verify that the price quote is included in the contract, and that you took the time to compare others before making your decision. Burying a loved one will cost you about $7,640, on average. Budget for the funeral and create payment plans with the funeral service company, if necessary. 

Use these three points so that you can get quality funeral services. For more information on funeral services, contact a company such as Carter Funeral Home-Denbigh.