Planning a Memorial Service

What Can Cremation Services Do For Families?

by Wade Watkins

When people pass away, they leave behind remains, which must be taken care of by a mortuary. Human remains can be embalmed, buried, cremated, or any combination of these things. Cremation is a popular option for many reasons, and many families find that it's the right choice for them. Here are four things that cremation services allow families to do:

1. Take advantage of inexpensive funeral services.

Cost is usually one deciding factor when it comes to choosing funeral services. Unfortunately, funeral costs can quickly add up, placing a burden on a family's budget. Cremation is an inexpensive alternative to other funeral services. Direct cremation is the most inexpensive way to handle your loved one's remains after their death. Like all forms of cremation, direct cremation is a dignified way to send your loved one off.

2. Honor your loved one with a private ceremony.

Many people choose to have a public memorial ceremony to remember their loved ones, but some people may find the idea of a public funeral too overwhelming. Even people who do choose to have a large memorial ceremony may want to say their goodbyes during a private ceremony first. You can honor your loved one in a private ceremony at the crematorium if you choose to cremate your loved one. Family members can choose to be present for the cremation process if they so desire.

3. Treat your loved one's remains in the way they would prefer.

It's important to honor the wishes of those who are deceased. Many people have strong feelings about the way they would like their bodies treated after their deaths. If your loved one has indicated that they would like to be cremated, you should honor that desire. Choosing cremation can be a way to show your regard for your loved one's autonomy, even after their death.

4. Keep your loved one's remains with you.

Finally, cremation offers people a way to keep their loved ones' remains with them. Some people find it comforting to have their deceased loved ones' ashes nearby. The physical reminder can help people remember the good times they spent with their departed family members. Decorative urns are available for purchase at most crematoriums. These urns are specifically designed to house cremains, and they're beautiful enough to be displayed proudly. Keeping your loved one's ashes nearby can allow you to say goodbye on your own terms and in your own time.