Planning a Memorial Service

Practical Funeral Home Services To Use For A Graveside Arrangement

by Wade Watkins

A traditional viewing and funeral can cost more time and money than you care to spend on your final arrangements. For the sake of brevity and your estate, you may prefer to have a graveside service. 

However, a graveside funeral still requires you to incorporate a number of practical elements into it. You can use professional funeral home services to ensure that your final arrangements are planned and held according to your specifications.

Choosing a Cemetery Plot

You cannot have a graveside service without first choosing a plot in which to be buried. The funeral home that you choose to plan out your final services typically has the contact information for each local cemetery on hand. The planner that you work with can contact the cemetery of your choosing directly and find out what plots are available.

You can then choose your burial location and pay for it with the funeral home services that you choose for your final arrangements. The funeral home director will keep a record of where you will be buried and make sure that this plot is prepared after you pass away.

Buying a Vault

Most cemeteries also require people to buy vaults for their burial plots. Your vault will probably be the most cost-significant purchase for your funeral home services. Still, it is necessary and something that you may want to pay for now instead of leaving to your family to cover on their own.

You can choose a vault that fits the minimum requirements of the cemetery in which you will be buried. The funeral home can make sure that it is delivered and prepared in time for your final services.

Choosing a Marker

Finally, you can choose your grave marker and decide what you want it to say. Like the vault, your marker can also be a significant cost. However, you can pay for it now rather than leave this expense to your family to cover after you die.

You can select how you want your name to appear on it and what dates you want engraved on it as well. You can also decide if you would like it to lie flat or if you would like it to stand at a certain height.

These factors are included with a graveside funeral. You can use a funeral home to plan out and pay for your funeral home services before you pass away.