Planning a Memorial Service

Five Ways To Memorialize A Loved One

by Wade Watkins

Memorializing a loved one is a bittersweet thing to do. On one side, grieving may stop you from doing this task. On the other, the desire to cling to the memory of your departed encourages you to think of creative ways to memorialize them. When you're looking at options for funerals and after, here are five creative ways to memorialize a loved one.


Opting for a traditional headstone does not automatically mean you cannot get creative. In fact, headstones now have elaborate designs. You can choose a carved or sculpted headstone for simple, three-dimensional designs. You can choose an etched headstone if you prefer more detailed two-dimensional designs. There are also laser-etched headstones if you prefer the actual photo of your loved one on their headstone.


Another way to memorialize a loved one is to transform their cremated ashes into precious trinkets. Cremation jewelry is becoming a popular trend because it offers the opportunity to transform the ashes into beautiful jewelry. As small trinkets are easily accessible and can be carried anywhere, it gives the impression that the loved one is always close to their family. They can be handed to loved ones at funerals to alleviate some of their grief. 

Memorial Garden

Yet another wonderful way to memorialize a loved one is to create a memorial garden. You can plant a tree or the departed family's favorite flower near their headstone. Some others even add a garden pond near the headstone to make the garden even more beautiful. Paying respect to the departed while appreciating nature is a heartwarming way to memorialize them, too.

Tattoo Tribute

In the recent years, the lost culture of tattooing is slowly coming back to the mainstream. While it may still be a taboo for some, due to its association with being gang members or convicts, some people use this art to memorialize their departed loved ones. The ashes are mixed with the ink and put as permanent marks to the skin.


Yet another artistic way to memorialize a loved one is to actually turn their ashes into an artwork. Much like tattooing, the ashes are also included in oil pastel, water color, poster paint, and any other medium used for painting on canvas.

A unique headstone, a beautiful trinket, an elaborate memorial garden, a permanent tattoo, and a stunning piece of artwork are just some of the things you can do to memorialize a loved one. There are various ways that match the departed and their family members' personality, preferences, and needs. You can always be creative in paying respects for your deceased loved one. For more information, talk to companies like Par-Troy Funeral Home Inc.