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3 Creative Things To Do With Your Ashes After Cremation

by Wade Watkins

While no one likes to think about death, it's important that you give your final wishes some thought so that you can advise your loved ones on how you want your affairs to be handled after your own death.

More and more people are opting to have their bodies cremated after death. Cremation provides you with a number of creative ways to preserve your memory after your passing. Here are three unique things that you might want to consider having your friends and family members do with your ashes.

1. Turn your ashes into a vinyl record.

If you enjoy listening to music and want to incorporate your love of music into your afterlife, then having your ashes turned into a vinyl record could be a great option. Cremated remains can be incorporated into the raw vinyl material used to generate musical records during the manufacturing process.

These memorial records can be stamped with any music of your choosing, or you can pay a specialty company to compose a song that is uniquely your own. Friends and family members can listen to the record when they want to honor your memory.

2. Turn your ashes into diamond jewelry.

Diamonds are associated with love and commitment in the modern world. The diamonds that occur naturally are made from carbon found in the environment. Since the human body is also composed of carbon elements, cremated remains can be turned into man-made diamonds in a lab setting.

Once your ashes have been converted into a diamond gemstone, you can have the stone set in a necklace or ring that loved ones can wear to keep your memory alive.

3. Turn your ashes into a fireworks display.

If you want to provide your loved ones with a unique and dynamic way to honor your memory, then having your ashes converted into a fireworks display could be the answer.

Companies that specialize in handcrafting pyrotechnics can easily add cremated remains in with the gunpowder and other substances used to generate fireworks. These fireworks can then be shot off in a coordinated manner to create a colorful display that will honor your memory and entertain your loved ones.

If the thought of a traditional burial doesn't reflect your creative personality, consider doing something unexpected with your cremated remains. Turning your ashes into a vinyl record, a man-made diamond, or a fireworks display are all unique ways to help loved ones honor your memory after your death.