Planning a Memorial Service

Tips For Planning Your Own Funeral

by Wade Watkins

More and more people are starting to plan their own funerals. This is not because they are morbid, but rather because they may want to take the burden off of their loved ones, they want to save them money, or both. Either way, if you have been thinking about planning your own funeral, you will want to keep reading. Making use of the following tips can help you with the process.

Find A Suitable Burial Plot

If you do not plan to be cremated, you will need to find a burial plot. There are usually many cemeteries that will have many plots still available for sale. If you are finding that those prices are a little too steep for you, you might consider purchasing a burial plot off of someone who already owns one, but simply needs to sell it. They might need the money for personal expenses that they desperately need to take care of. Just make sure that you are confirming with the cemetery that yes, they own the plot and have the right to sell it to you.

Lock In The Funeral Home Rates

Talk with the local funeral home director and ask if you pay for your funeral package now, does this lock in the rate? Meaning, they cannot come to your family years down the road when you pass away and ask for more money for your funeral because their rates increased. As long as you are able to lock in today's rate by paying in advance, you can save your family a substantial amount of money.

Have Your Stone Purchased And Delivered

Since you will have already purchased your burial plot, you can go ahead and pick out your headstone and have it delivered to the cemetery. You can have it already engraved with your name and birthdate. All that will need to be done is the engraving of the date of your passing, which is something your family can easily arrange to have completed once that time has come.

As you can see, there is a lot you can do when it comes to planning your own funeral. This will save your family a lot of time and will allow them to focus more on the grieving process instead of making formal arrangements and trying to pay a huge bill. Just make sure that your family knows of your arrangements or that you are leaving this information in your last will and testament.

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