Planning a Memorial Service

Honor A Special Man With Some Fine Funeral Flower Ideas

by Wade Watkins

It is appropriate to send flowers for the funeral of a man, but what exactly do you send? Florists have can create something dignified and masculine, and that will pay homage to the special person that has passed. Talk with floral designers about the individual's job, hobbies, and occasion to help them put together the perfect tribute.

Some funeral floral arrangement ideas for a special man are:

A stately wreath. Ask your florist about creating a simple wreath, from grapevine or balsam, and accenting it with just a few fresh flowers for the funeral. These travel to the grave or interment site easily, and can be propped-up on a wreath stand to be viewed during services. Personalize your ribbon or bow with the name of the deceased.

A memorable motif. Order the motif of a club, group, or organization that the deceased was a member of. These can be shaped and formed, much like a wreath, out of fresh flowers, greens, and floral-pics. Consider a military insignia for a veteran or a religious symbol for a person of faith.

Something sports-related. If the deceased enjoyed sports, use this as your inspiration for sports-themed arrangements. It is perfectly acceptable to send something whimsical at such a serious time; after all, many will want to remember the man as he was in life. Ask your florist to use carnations, roses, and daisies that can be dyed any color that you wish, such as using the colors of his favorite sports team.

A wonderful window-box. Remember someone who enjoyed gardening or tending their lawn with a bright and cheery window-box at their funeral. Better yet, send it to the family to maintain and remember their loved one that has passed. Ask a florist about a window-box full of greenery, coleus, and easy-to-care-for perennials, like impatiens.

A commemorative car. Pay tribute to a motor-head or car enthusiast with a floral-vessel that resembles a car or truck at the funeral. Some florists may use kids' toys or wagons to display their flowers, by using a block of floral foam and taping to secure it in the bed of the vessel. These arrangements typically use short-stemmed flowers to cover the foam and fill the dump truck, truck bed, or wagon.

Thinking of sending funeral flowers to commemorate a special man? Use these ideas and rely on your florist's expertise to find an arrangement that is dignified, distinctive, and masculine. Garner inspiration from these suggestions to come up with your own ways to arrange fresh foliage, greens, and blooms to create something that pays homage to the deceased tastefully.  Check places like Ryan-Parke Funeral Home for more recommendations.