Planning a Memorial Service

Options For An Unconventional Funeral

by Wade Watkins

Many families would prefer to hold an unconventional funeral to commemorate their unique loved one. Here are some ideas for funeral alternatives that skip the traditional procedures. 

Scatter at Sea

A scatter at sea event is becoming more popular as an afterlife service. After the body is cremated, the family gathers at a seaside location to send the ashes to their final resting place. Each family member can help to scatter some of the ashes, making this a great communal way to remember a loved one. 

Green Burial Ceremony

One of the best coffin and cremation alternatives is natural burial, where the body is buried without being embalmed first. Another option is to choose a green urn, which may include a tree seed at the bottom, so that a new tree can grow from the remains of your loved one. A natural burial of this kind can be a more intimate experience for the family, rather than having the body buried by a third party. In order to do a green burial on your own, you may need to hire a hearse to transport the body for you.

Home Gathering and Burial 

If you choose to have the body cremated and placed in an urn, it would be easy to throw a gathering in a place that your family member loved. For instance, a picnic in the backyard could be a nice touch to get the family together in order to remember your loved one. If the urn will be kept at home, this ceremony idea can be especially poignant, since it allows you to place the loved one in their resting place with the whole family present. 

Even if you choose not to hold a traditional funeral, a funeral home can still offer you many relevant services. They can prepare the body through cremation or embalming, so that you can carry out your own service plans. The funeral home may be able to help you transport a casket safely to your preferred location for your ceremony. You may still want to keep some parts of the funeral routine, and a funeral service can help you arrange flowers, a eulogy post, and other parts of your funeral plan. When you can pick and choose the funeral services you need, holding an unconventional funeral can be a simple way to help you commemorate your loved one in the most authentic way possible. 

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