Planning a Memorial Service

A Basic Guide For Arranging A Funeral For Someone Of The Jewish Faith

by Wade Watkins

When someone passes away in your family, arranging for their funeral can be difficult. If the person practiced Judaism and you do not, it can be hard to know how to arrange a funeral that meets their strict religious beliefs. The following guide walks you through the basic information you need to know in order to arrange a funeral that is respectful and in line with Jewish beliefs and practices:

Celebrate Their Accomplishments

At a Jewish funeral, the life of the deceased is shared and celebrated at the funeral. It is customary for people to discuss the good times shared with the person, the person's accomplishments, and respect for their life. The funeral at a traditional Jewish funeral does not involve mourning the death of the person that has passed.

Reading of the Eulogy

Next, a rabbi will read a eulogy for the person. The eulogy will include details about the person's life that highlights things that they have done in a respectful and dignified way. The eulogy should not include any jokes, banter, or wit. A funeral is viewed as sacred time in Judaism and jokes are not acceptable.

Specific Verses and Prayers Shared

When someone passes in the Jewish faith, there are specific verses that are read from the bible and prayers that must be shared. Verses from Psalms and Proverbs must be shared by the rabbi or someone close to the person who has passed. It is often viewed as being essential for someone of faith to read the verses and share the customary memorial prayers.

Mourn the Loss

Once the funeral is complete, the family can then mourn the loss of the person that has passed publicly. Families can weep together and pray for the deceased. Some members of the Jewish faith feel that it is disrespectful to mourn the person whom has deceased before celebrating their life because it is viewed as valuing the loss more than the life that they lead.

When you go to the funeral home to make arrangements for the funeral, it is important to let the director know that the deceased was Jewish. The director should know the strict guidelines for funerals according to the Jewish traditions. Taking the time to do things the way your loved one would want them done will give you peace of mind about the situation. It is not difficult to do things in accordance with the Jewish religion once you know the proper steps to take.

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