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5 Reasons To Choose Ocean Ash Scattering For Your Cremains

by Wade Watkins

Very often, one of the most complex parts of cremation is deciding when and where to scatter the ashes. If your departed family member loved the water, the answer might be as close as the closest ocean. While there are rules and regulations concerning scattering at sea, the practice is available to anyone. There are numerous reasons to choose this location for your ashes. Here are a few.

1. Green Eco Friendly

Green eco-friendly burials allow the body to return to the earth naturally without causing damage to the environment. Sea ash scattering does just this and meets the criteria of a green burial. Sea life will utilize the building blocks of life contained within your loved one's ashes to continue to grow and flourish.

Many ceremonies also include biodegradable, water-soluble paper for you to release your final words and notes. If you want to give your loved one their last flowers, you can release flower petals when you release the ashes and remain eco-friendly. 

2. Ashes Continue To Travel

If your loved one loved to travel, an ocean ash scattering could allow them to continue to do so. When you spread the ashes in continuously moving seas, the ocean currents will spread the remains throughout the endless miles of the world.

3. Loved Ones Are Always Near

While many people draw comfort from visiting the grave of a loved one, that is often impossible when you live a distance away. When you spread your loved one's ashes in the sea, they are permanently close by anytime you are near the ocean or a large body of water.

The ashes become one with the earth. The ocean will provide the same comfort found at a physical grave.

4. Ashes Are Never Lost

There are many horror stories about losing the ashes of a loved one in moves, fires, or other life calamities. When you choose sea ash scattering, you never have to worry about losing your ashes. They will be exactly where you want them to be. 

5. Ashes Will Never Be Disturbed

People are building anywhere and everywhere, even if this means claiming land that previously housed graves. While many local regulations require the remains in these graves to be moved and re-interred, you do not have this worry about ocean ash scattering. Your loved one can rest for the rest of eternity without the fear of being disturbed.   

For more info about ocean ash scattering, contact a local funeral home.