Planning a Memorial Service

Three Unique Finishing Touches For Headstones

by Wade Watkins

When it comes to selecting a headstone or memorial marker for your loved one, there are many different designs to choose from. However, there are also a lot of special finishing touches you can add to the simplest of designs. If you are looking for a way to customize your loved one's headstone, here are some options to consider.

Under-Stone Plaques

Adding an etching or engraving under the stone offers a unique way to leave a secret or special message for your loved one. You can leave a few lines on a custom plaque underneath the stone to signify your love for the person who has passed, or you can simply have a plaque created that features a special joke or saying you two shared. While the rest of the world won't see it, you will always know that it's there.

Secret Compartments

Secret compartments inside of the headstone or marker can be used for time capsules or for adding a few mementos that have special meaning for you and your loved one. An example might be a copy of a wedding certificate and a pair of wedding bands. The compartment keeps them hidden from the world while also keeping them close to your loved one. You can select a cremation headstone for this option, or you can work with your monument company to create a specially designed marker to suit your needs.

Flower Vases

Adding flower vases to your headstone can be a great way to continue customizing your loved one's grave, year after year. There are many options for adding vases, from adding one to the top and center of the headstone to adding one to each side of the marker. The vases provide a great place to add flower arrangements for each holiday and change of seasons, and they can also be used to add other decorative items, such as flags and pinwheels. You can change the look of your loved one's headstone whenever you like, and the vase provides a permanent base for the flower arrangements. The vases also offer a decorative look even without any adornments.

Talk to your funeral home director about which monument companies in your area can offer these types of services. With a company like An Thiel Monuments, you can find the perfect model and the perfect message for your loved one's memorial. Use these ideas as inspiration, or come up with your own unique way to pay tribute to your dearly departed.