Planning a Memorial Service

Need To Plan A Memorable Funeral On A Budget? Here's How To Do It

by Wade Watkins

If you have been placed in charge of putting together funeral services, but you are working within a tight budget, you might start to worry whether or not what you plan will be suitable and memorable enough. As long as you are making use of some or all of the following bits of advice, this should not be a major problem for you:

Skip The Expensive Casket

While some of the family and friends might glance over the casket, the expense of it is not usually something that crosses their mind. They are much more concerned about paying their respects to the loved one that they just lost. If you really want to make sure that the casket is as presentable as possible on the day of the viewing and service, you can always add some personal touches to it, such as your loved one's favorite color or type of flower. You can also adorn the casket with pictures of the deceased throughout the years with friends and family. To ensure that you are finding the most affordable casket, you might want to expand the number of places you look. Too many people make the mistake of assuming that they have to make their casket purchase through the funeral home. While that is still an option, you can look other places too, such as the website for various manufacturers of caskets. They can ship one that you purchase directly to the funeral home for you.

Ask For Donations

Whether you want more flowers for the service than you can afford or you need direct help covering the cost of the funeral, you can always ask for help through donations. You can create an online donation page that will allow people from all over donate whatever they can or want to help cover the expense of the funeral. This is a page that can be shared on your social media pages and your friends and family can share theirs as well. Also, more and more funeral homes are setting up their own donation pages on their website, for those who want to donate but want to do so directly to the funeral home.

Speak with the director of a funeral home like Shepherd Funeral Home if you are still having some concerns about the budget that you have to work with. He or she will have likely dealt with a lot of situations like yours and will be able to offer additional ideas that will help you plan a beautiful funeral without going broke in the process.