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3 Things To Avoid Saying At A Friend's Funeral

by Wade Watkins

Death is a part of life, so you will most likely face the passing of a family member or friend at one point in your life. If you have not experienced loss, you may not be familiar with the etiquette rules to follow when you pay your respects at a visitation or funeral service. If you have recently lost a friend and will be paying your respects to the deceased's family members, here are a few things you should avoid saying at the funeral.

"They Are in a Better Place"

The loved ones in mourning will believe the best place for your friend is with them. Even if your friend lived in an awful situation or was under a great deal of physical or emotional distress, death should never be assumed as a better alternative.

Try to imagine you were the grieving family member. This will help you realize how much you would want the deceased with you and not in the afterlife.

"Let Me Know How To Help"

You will feel sympathy for your friend's family and you will want to help them in any way possible. However, there really is nothing you can do to ease the grief of your friend's loved ones.

Telling them to let them know what you can do to help will only place extra stress on the loved one left behind. At the funeral, it is best to sign the guest book and move through the line to pay your respects to the family in an efficient and direct manner.

"I Know How You Feel"

When you are paying respects at a visitation or a funeral service, do not tell your friend's loved ones that you understand how they feel. The feelings and emotions that surround grief are similar for most people, but each person is different, so they will respond to grief in different ways. Comparing your grief to another person's grief will be impossible.

Your friend's loved ones are dealing with one of the most painful emotions they will face, and they feel and believe that their pain is so severe that it cannot be compared to others. Avoid comparing your grief to their grief and only show support for their loss.

The loss of a friend can be devastating. It may be normal to not know what to do or say, but certain comments must be avoided to protect the feelings of the loved ones left behind. For more information on funerals and how to act properly, contact a funeral home in your area, such as Hitzeman Funeral Home, Ltd.