Planning a Memorial Service

Planning For Your Own Future? 4 Strategies For Saving Money On Your Funeral Arrangements

by Wade Watkins

No one wants to think about it, but it's something that will eventually affect everyone. If you haven't started planning your funeral, you should. If you don't, your loved ones will be left to do it for you. Taking care of the preparations yourself will ensure that you get the funeral you want and that you save your family members the emotional toll that planning a funeral can take. Planning your own funeral can also save your family some money. Here are four strategies you can use to save money on your funeral arrangements:

Shop Around for the Casket

You're going to need a casket, but that doesn't mean you can't save some money on it. While you're planning your funeral, take your time to shop around for the right casket. First, take a look at the caskets that the funeral home has to offer. If you can't find one you like, for the price you're willing to pay, take a look at your online options. You can save yourself quite a bit of money by shopping around for your casket.

Cut the Flower Budget

If you're not big on flowers, don't add them to your funeral budget, or limit the number of arrangements you plan for. In place of flowers, let your family know that you'd rather have family pictures or treasured memorabilia. When it comes time for your funeral, have your family decorate the area around your casket with the pictures and memorabilia. If anyone opts to send flowers to your funeral, those bouquets can be displayed.

Consider a Graveside Memorial

If you want to save money on the funeral service, opt to have a graveside memorial service instead. Your funeral director can arrange to have an intimate graveside service for your close family and friends. This will allow those who loved you to gather together in remembrance, without the added expense of renting the funeral chapel. If you'd prefer, you can also have your memorial at home.

Purchase a Pre-Planning Package

One of the best ways to save money on your funeral is to take advantage of pre-planning. Most funeral homes provide pre-planning packages that will allow you to plan and purchase everything in advance. That way, your entire funeral will be planned and paid for before you pass away. You can ensure that your wishes are carried out and that your loved ones already have a budget in place.